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ACCC warns parents on dangers of loose curtain and blind cords

It is Global Awareness Campaign on Corded Window Coverings week from 23rd – 30th June 2016 and as a result, The Australian Competition & Consumer Association (ACCC) has posted a reminder to parents that having loose curtain and blinds cords in your home is dangerous for young children.

The ACCC said that “between one and two children die in Australian homes every year as a result of non-compliant corded blinds and curtains.”

These deaths are easily avoidable by:
  • not placing furniture near the cords where they are easily accessible to children,
  • ensuring that the cords are properly anchored and compliant with regulations,
  • checking the cords from time to time to ensure they’re compliant,
  • making sure when you go somewhere new, like a holiday venue etc., you also check the cords and surrounds and make changes accordingly.

Macarthur Home Improvements ensures that every blind installed is compliant with Australian standards.

If you haven’t had your blinds installed by Macarthur Home Improvements – or even if you have – we ask that you check the cords in each room of your home to make sure that they provide a little slack (not completely taut) in use and that there is no furniture nearby which children can climb and try and get a handle of the cord.

If you are unsure, please feel free to contact Macarthur Home Improvements on 1300 369 923 or email us.
*Source: OECD

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