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Want to know how to clean your security door?

Here are some simple steps on how best to clean your security screen door:

Step 1. Firstly, clean the security screen door with the upholstery tool of your vacuum cleaner, including the corners and ridges around the screen.

Step 2. Roll a towel up into a log shape and place it at the base of the security screen door so that it collects excess water whilst cleaning.

Step 3. Pour detergent into a bucket of soapy water and mix together with a soft cloth.

Step 4. Wring out excess water from the cloth and wipe the door from top to bottom.

Step 5. Thoroughly clean the cloth, empty the bucket of soapy water and refill with clean water.

Step 6. Repeat the cleaning process by wiping the door clean and removing excess detergent.

Step 7. Remove the bath towel and allow to air dry.

Is this too easy and you like a bit of a challenge?

Remove the door from its hinges, lay it across a couple of saw horses – clean thoroughly and allow to air dry.

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