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This is why you should incorporate Plantation Shutters into your home

The installation of Plantation Shutters in homes is on the rise.

Although it is seen more in new home builds, there is a surge in older homes also being redecorated using Plantation Shutters as a window covering choice.

We know when it comes to choosing window coverings that it can be a hard choice to make. This is because ideally, you want your choice of window covering to last at least 7-10 years before you consider re-decorating (perhaps) or you want to choose the window covering that works best for you and decorate the rest of the room/home around the window covering.

Whatever your reasons as to why you choose a window covering, you should definitely look into Plantation Shutters as a solution.

These are some key points you should know about Plantation Shutters:

They offer your window coverings a “complete” look. They create an air of space in a room by not being bulky and overhanging the window trims. They are also lightweight and easy to operate.

They have a more modern feel, and dependent on how you dress your room you use them in, also provide a sense of relaxation or even holiday mode.

They can be used in virtually any space/area.

They offer privacy and sun protection. You have the ability to control the amount of light in the room, at any time, by using the vertical rail that is fitted with the shutters.

You have a wide choice of colours to choose from, which alleviates any limitations you thought you had in choosing Plantation Shutters.

Did you also know Plantation Shutters:

  • Can be installed as hinged, fixed, sliding or bi-fold styles?
  • They can be custom made for special shapes?
  • You can use the shutters to turn a large room into two smaller rooms or as door panels to alter the space between rooms and act as a screen?
When it comes to a product from Macarthur Home Improvements, there is a myriad of ways you can use our products rather than what you may think initially.

Raising the point whereby you can use it as a screen, we note that housing prices are basically rising every day and understand that families are more often likely to share homes to save money.

This can lessen rooms available within a home for space like a bedroom BUT if you have a room that isn’t utilised much and want to transform into a room that has privacy, these shutters are a great choice to make in order to screen that space and provide privacy.

Think about it.

Call Macarthur Home Improvements today on 4625 3446 and make time for one of our team members to come to your home and discuss the product and options or come and visit us at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah and see our range of Plantation Shutters on display.

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