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Need to know ways on how to darken a room?

We get it.

You have an area in your home where you need it to have privacy from light. You don’t want the light to seep through as you need to create an atmosphere of complete darkness (or as close to complete).

There are options available for you, like the installation of:


Face fitting blinds (meaning it sits within the window frame) with a cassette above.

Though it may still allow some light into the room.

Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters are modern in look, and easily adjustable to allow light to filter into the room when needed, and angle however you want, whenever you want. It is more of an effective way to create a barrier from light.

Pivot Arm/Auto Lock Awnings.

Awnings are a really effective way to block out light, from an external perspective, by allowing you to adjust the awning at a height to best suit the amount of light you’d want to filter in. Have the arms up for full light, mid-way for partial light and all the way down to block as much as possible.

Roller Shutters block as much light from entering a room AND reduce noise that is permitted into the room from outside the home, making it the most effective option to get the least amount of light in (blocks out 99%) and make the most of noise protection (reducing by about 50%) in the one product.

When building or taking into account the renovation of space you need to blanket in darkness and/or reduce noise – Macarthur Home Improvements has what you need.

We are located in the Macarthur region and service the local area. We pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated business since 1992 and we provide the best quality and service to our customers.

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