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How much do fly screens cost?

Whenever we receive calls from potential customers, one of the first things they want to know is how much our products cost.

In most cases we are able to provide an actual price or a guide price over the phone. One of the products that we can most accurately quote on is fly screens.

So, how much do fly screens cost?

You may be surprised that flyscreens are not expensive at all.

In actual fact, from products we supply – they are the cheapest home improvement you can make.

You can buy the mesh directly from us and fit as a DIY project, or we can make to size using a frame and mesh made to measure.

However, pricing invariably changes when talking about pleated and retractable screens, due to the fact that these cover much larger areas and involve a slimline tracking system to operate – as they are not a fixed screen.

When driving, we’ve seen that there are some properties where fly screens are quite worn or ripped and we think – you can quickly and cheaply update and change the look of your home by replacing your fly-screens. We want to help them achieve that. We want to help YOU achieve that.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it is a perfect time to go ahead and update your fly screens. You can open up your windows and let the fresh, warmer air in – all the while ensuring that the flies and other insects remain outside, where they belong.

When choosing your fly screen, you have a choice of colour to the frame, that way you can closely match it to your home’s exterior look.

As a standard, we use premium fibreglass mesh – which meets Australian standards and each square measures 2mm x 1.8mm (18 x 14 strands per inch).

If you live in or are building in, a fire-rated area – you will need to install with either an aluminium or stainless steel mesh to meet requirements.

Also, there are areas that are known to attract very tiny insects, that could pass through the standard mesh size, there is an option for you and it is called “micro mesh” and it is made at 18 x 30 strands per inch. Contact our team to discuss.

Now, let’s get down to pricing for each fly screen:

Sliding window: $48 each

Hopper (aka Awning) window: from $50 each

Double-hung window: from $55 each.

*All prices reflect the screens being measured, made and fitted by us. You can buy the mesh only from us.

Our pricing can be cheaper than the hardware stores!

If you like DIY, we can provide you with supply only components, i.e. new turn buttons, choice of mesh, frame and spline (rubber). Contact our team to discuss how you can access these products.

Lastly, we do offer a re-mesh service. This involves obtaining your existing frames, removing the existing mesh and re-meshing with our standard fibreglass mesh – at a cost of $28 per screen.

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