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Do you know where the material for our products come from?

Do you know where the material for our products come from?

Do you ever ask the question when buying products for your home?

Do you even mind where the product you buy is sourced from?

Considering we promote ourselves as being local and supporting local – it is only fair that we also source our materials locally (so to speak). Definitely within Australia.

We do have lead times on all our products and the reason for that is, that we make most of the products we sell on-site at our factory in Campbelltown.


For one thing, as we make them to order, it allows you to have bespoke pieces for your home – that you can’t buy off a shelf.

What may be the other reasons?

We source all of our material locally, within Australia. We do not buy overseas product. We have quality control over the end product we send out.

You may be now thinking, if that is the case – surely you must be expensive?

No, we’re not.

In fact, we are quite competitive and you may be surprised that we can even be cheaper than the stores that sell ready-made.

We don’t buy overseas materials to set high margins for ourselves. In fact, we are quite reasonable and our number one goal is to supply customers with the best quality products, at the best price.

If you want to know more or organise a free measure and quote, so you can see for yourself, you can call the team on 1300 369 923.

Would you prefer to support and have Australian products or overseas products?

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