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3 Criminal Stats For Dwellings In Your Area

It is interesting to know statistics for crime to dwellings in your area, especially when it comes to the potential invasion of your personal space.

That is why we are sharing 3 criminal stats for dwellings in your area, courtesy of the Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research.

These overall statistics cover reported incidents during 2015 for the Local Government Areas of Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Wollondilly and Wollongong:

Break & Enter Dwelling: 3,051
Break & Enter Non-Dwelling: 941
Steal from Dwelling: 1,765

Minimise risk to your residential or commercial premises by taking effective measures to deter would-be thieves. This could include the installation of triple-lock security doors, window grilles and roller shutters.

Other measures include ensuring all doors are locked; windows are secured; the appearance of someone home when you’re on holidays; not letting people know on social media when you’re away on holiday.

Feel safe and know you’ve done what you can by finding out more on 1300 369 923.

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