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Security Screen Doors To Prevent Theft

Ensure your home is fitted with a security screen door to prevent theft by opportunistic offenders.

Don’t make it easy for them!

This is the warning by QLD Police. However, it doesn’t matter where you live – the message is the same.

Macarthur Home Improvements can provide security where you need it most, with our range of external products.

Choose from:

security screen doors, window grilles, and/or roller shutters.

When it comes to the lock for the security doors themselves, we can install a triple-lock. This means that the door is locked into the frame in 3 places, rather than just the one – which is standard at the recess of the door handle.

Window grilles are decorative grills that are placed on a window. It adds security to a home by preventing the entry by a thief through the window. It also has the purpose of you to be able to leave your windows open (day or night) without worrying someone might enter your home or business.

Roller shutters are available in motorised or manual operation. They completely block-out light into a room, you can open the shutters to any point along the track to set your own privacy level and light level – plus they have the added benefit of deterring a thief.

If you have security doors, window grilles and/or roller shutters in place for your home or business – what is there left for you to do to ensure you are secure as can be?

A (monitored) alarm may be the solution for you. Contact your local specialist in alarms for homes and businesses.

If you want to ensure you have the right security measures in place, for your own peace of mind, connect with the experts at Macarthur Home Improvements today. We can organise for one of our team members to visit you and discuss the range of external security products.

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