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Notice land sizes are decreasing?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on land releases within South West Sydney, say, within the past 2 years, you’ll notice that land sizes are decreasing, significantly!

In fact, in 2014 the NSW Government announced that land sizes are to now be a minimum of 250 square metres! Camden, Campbelltown and Liverpool are 3 of the 6 council areas affected by this drop in land size minimum. Click here for a report by PRP.

Although the land sizes have dropped, prices have also significantly risen as well. However, this is not deterring new home builds for owner-occupier homes or as investment properties.

As a result, we have seen a significant surge in granny flat builds within existing local suburbs that have decent land sizes. This allows extra space required for the families and also adds significant value too, as outlined by news.com.au.

In order to create an illusion of space for your outdoor room, here are some tips (according to vaultinteriors.com.au):

1. Use glass to create an alfresco space.
2. Opt for adaptable furnishings.
3. Create a feature wall.
4. Add pops of colour.

5. Make a small space appear larger.

“The trend is always to focus our attention on furnishing the inside of our homes, forgetting to utilise the often-neglected outdoor areas. However, outdoor zones are just as important and should be approached with the same set of decorating principals as internal spaces.”

And, if you are going to tackle those DIY projects during the holiday period, here are 10 tips to update your home over the summer break (according to Nicholls & Co):

1. Tackle one room at a time.
2. Paint your front door.
3. Update light fittings.
4. Install new blinds.
5. Invest in scatter cushions.
6. Bring the outdoors in.
7. Add artwork outdoors.
8. Clean, clean, clean.
9. Update doorknobs and handles.

10. Touch up doorframes and skirting boards.

“The summer break is a great time to update your home and get stuck into any DIY jobs that you just haven’t gotten around to all year. Thanks to the warmer weather, attacking the back shed and garden is a lot more appealing, plus it can add a huge amount of value to your property in the long run.”

What is your tip for creating an illusion of space in this New Age? Comment below.

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