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Kids Don’t Fly

It’s important to know that Kids Don’t Fly and that access to windows and balconies are properly safeguarded to ensure the safety of children.

NSW Fair Trading reported on 13 March 2013 that in 2011-12, 39 children aged 9 or below were hospitalised in NSW due to falls from windows. Most were under 4 years old. These resulted in death, severe injuries and even permanent disability.

Children are curious and have a reduced ability to judge potential dangers. These falls can be preventable and it involves conducting a home safety check and ensuring that children are always supervised.

The first step the government has taken is to ensure that a change was made to the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 and Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2010 to ensure all strata buildings have safety devices installed on all windows that present a risk to children.

The other step is to work with the Westmead Children’s Hospital to raise awareness to the public about measures that can be taken to reduce and even prevent risks.

Some of these measures include:

  • ensuring windows are not opened more than 12.5cm when located above the ground floor,
  • have window latches/locks fitted to stop windows opening more than 12.5cm or guards to protect the opening,
  • have windows that open from the top,
  • beds and other furniture are kept away from windows (so children cannot climb on them to get to the window),
  • you do not solely rely on fly screens to prevent a child from falling out a window,
  • children are educated to stay away from windows, and
  • children are always supervised.

In terms of balconies, the recommendation is that balustrade (railings):

  • are at least 1 metre high,
  • have vertical bars which are no more than 12.5cm apart,
  • have no horizontal or near horizontal parts that would allow children to climb,
  • all furniture, potted plants and other climbable objects are kept away from the edge,
  • awareness of light furniture that is easy to be moved by children to the edge,
  • doors leading to the balcony is locked to prevent child access, and children are always supervised.


If you live in a rental property and have conducted an inspection which requires maintenance, you are best to get into contact with your property manager and discuss with them.

When you go on holidays, ensure you check the property’s windows and doors and ensure they are safeguarded.

If you have windows that do not currently have fly screens and want to have insect screens installed, you can conduct a DIY project by buying the mesh directly from us (cheaper than hardware stores) or we can offer a full service of quote, supply and install.

Don’t take chances. Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Contact the team at Macarthur Home Improvements on 1300 369 923 to discuss.

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