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Customise our products to your needs

Apart from the products that we show as examples on our website and the products we showcase in our showroom – did you know that you can most likely customise our products to suit your needs?

We bet you’re thinking “What do you mean?”

Here’s an example:

Early last year, we had a customer who came and saw us because she would leave for work by 6 am each weekday and she would let her dog out at the time she was leaving.
However, there was a problem. The dog was a barker and used to drive the neighbours mad by its early morning wake up calls.

The customer approached us and said, I really need to do something about my dog so that it doesn’t wake the neighbours early. Is there is anything I can do to help delay the dog from leaving the same time as me so the neighbours won’t be annoyed?

James came up with an idea but needed a little bit of time to test his theory to see if it worked. And it did!

This is the solution that James came up with, implemented and the customer loves!

1. James set about with the pet door flap for the security door in the laundry.

2. An external roller shutter was installed, covering the laundry’s security door.

3. James set-up a timer control that was wired to the roller shutter.

4. The customer set the preferred time for the roller shutter to automatically open.

Once the roller shutter was opened and no longer covered the pet door, the dog was then able to go outside – at a more reasonable time.

The customer (and the neighbours) couldn’t be happier!

So whilst you may be thinking that the products we provide are “what you see is what you get”, that may not necessarily be the case. Sometimes products need to be created by thinking outside the box.

Do you have a product you need but want it set-up differently to function for the purpose it’s intended for? Contact the team today on 1300 369 923 and see if we can help you come up with a solution to suit your needs.

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