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Security Doors vs Screen Doors

Are you unsure as to the difference between a security door and a screen door?
We outline the differences for you in this article on Security Doors vs Screen Doors, so you can make a more informed choice to meet your needs.

Security, Safety, Barrier Doors

Security doors have an added advantage of being decorative and provide security.
Security doors tend to offer a variety of different grille styles to suit your tastes. These range from the basic diamond grille look, through to an art deco look.
Basically, security doors have grilles that sit within the door’s frame and cover the surface of the door, which the mesh sits behind.
Security doors allow you to leave your entrance timber door open, and let the airflow through the home, whilst keeping the bugs out. They also provide peace of mind by people who are security conscious.
You can have a security door installed on basically any area that has a frame it can attach to, i.e. front entry, laundry exit, internal garage door (some insurance companies require this for home’s that have access from their garage to the internal space of their home) or a security sliding door that takes you generally from the back of your home to the outside area.
Security Door types range from the Diamond Grills to Cast Grille and Stainless Steel Grille.
For your knowledge, single and double Diamond Grilles are 7mm thick, made from specially tempered aluminium for greater strength and meeting the strength requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039.
Cast Grilles are high quality and all door inserts are die-cast in 100% recyclable aluminium and Stainless Steel Grilles have the strength of stainless steel providing unique wrought iron patterns that are unobtrusive.

Screen Doors

Screen doors are basically the security door frame with a choice of mesh, with no pattern overlays.
The screen doors are popular with new homes in new housing estates that tend to have decorative wooden front entry doors and don’t want to conceal the look with a security door pattern. You do have a choice with the type of screen door, from basic aluminium to strengthened steel frames – as well as colours.
There is a vast range of colours available to you to match your home’s external colour.
Also, a number of new homes in the area choose the screen door frame that looks like wood, like the Jarrah powder coat, so it is consistent with the overall look of the home.
With both security and screen doors you have the option of extras, i.e. a triple lock door (where the door locks into the lock side frame at 3 points, rather than just at the door’s handle itself), type of mesh strength, pet door, half panel, bug seals and an Adda-Guard – allowing you to customise the door to suit your needs.
BTW, an Adda-Guard is a piece of perspex that sits beside the latch area of the door and provides protection from any finger holes and also from someone breaking “standard” mesh to access the internal latch.
The materials that we use to custom make your security, safety and screen doors are anti-corrosive and we use zinc coated screws and Monel Steel and Aluminium rivets – meaning that your door will last for many years, providing value for money.
We hold a Master Security Licence for the business (MSL #: 409932372), and a personal security licence for each of our sales and fitter staff.
We share Choice’s article on Security Screen Doors Buying Guide to help you with making decisions and choosing the right manufacturer/supplier, i.e. Macarthur Home Improvements.
The question you have to ask yourself now is – what purpose is the door needed for and what look do you want to achieve in order to determine which type of door you need.
So which door is it?
As we custom make each door to size, contact the team today on freecall 1300 369 923 to arrange your free measure and quote OR pop into our showroom at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah to view the range on display with options and pricing.

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