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Which Mesh Should I Use On My Door?

Now that you have chosen your Security Door or Screen door, your next question should be:
“Which mesh should I use on my door?”

With your choice of security, safety barrier, insect screen doors – you have an option as to the type of mesh that lines the door. These range from standard (basic) mesh through to the tougher mesh.

To help you decide which mesh to get, we provide you with a breakdown as to the different mesh types from the basic through to the toughest/strongest:

Standard mesh types

(Premium) Fibreglass Insect Mesh

Fibreglass insect mesh is the standard mesh that is not strengthened. Each square measures 2mm by 2mm and can wear over time, especially if you have pets in the house that scratch on mesh etc. They should be periodically cleaned for longevity.

Midgee Mesh

The Midgee Mesh is a much finer fibreglass mesh that measures about 1mm x 1mm for each square. This type of mesh is best suited for areas that inhabit a lot of tiny insects that can breach the standard 2mm x 2mm mesh, like fruit flies. It makes it harder for the small insects to make it’s way into your home via the mesh.

Paw Proof Mesh

Paw Proof mesh consists of fibreglass mesh but is vinyl coated. This gives a stronger, thicker consistency to the mesh to counteract the scratching of the mesh by your pets. Due the coating, the look of the mesh can be mistaken for a stronger security mesh, than what it is.

DVA Vision Mesh

Vision Mesh provides visual security, whereby you can see out your security/screen door BUT people can’t see in. It is constructed of aluminium and provides some added strength to the mesh and some resistance to pets scratching the mesh, or kids putting holes in it etc.

Though it should be noted that vision mesh works on a factor of light, i.e. for it to work you need to ensure that your home has the right light elements filtering into/around the home for it to be effective.

For example, if your front entryway is dark because the light is blocked from view by a carport or other obstruction, yet the view from your front door leads to the back of the house where there are a bank of windows letting light in, then it won’t work as well. But if you had light at the front entryway of your home, you may have a wall just behind the entryway, then the Vision Mesh will be effective.

You can have one of our team members evaluate the effectiveness of the vision mesh when attending your home for a quote.

Security mesh types


The View-Guard is a Macarthur Home Improvements produced mesh that looks like a standard screen door mesh but is strong due to its consistency of stainless steel woven into the mesh. It provides security to the home’s entry, as well as keeping the bugs out.


Alu-Gard mesh is a thicker perforated aluminium mesh, measuring 1.6mm thick. For added strength, combine the Alu-Guard mesh with the Alu-Guard screen door system – which has been tested for Australian Standards AS5039-2008 for hinged doors and has passed each of these Australian Standard tests (AS5039-2008): Knife Shear Test, Dynamic Impact Test and Lock and Lever Hinge Test; providing you with added peace of mind. Alu-Guard offers a lifetime guarantee from distortion.


If you only want aluminium mesh and need to meet fire standards, we suggest you contact your local council and ask “Does aluminium mesh meet Council’s standards for fire ratings”, otherwise you may find that the examiner may always insist on stainless steel.

The question now is, which type of mesh do you want or need?

All manufacturing for you takes place on-site at our factory in Leumeah. You may enter our showroom and think, how is there possibly a factory, but believe us – we have a fully functioning factory to take care of all our on-site custom made products for you.

Each order is custom made to size and we recommend you contact the team today on freecall 1300 369 923 to arrange your free measure and quote OR pop into our showroom at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah to view a sample range on display with options and pricing with our professional consultants.

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