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Why We Love Plantation Shutters (And You Should Too!)

Plantation Shutters are gaining popularity when it comes to dressing your windows.

They are used in homes of all ages and sizes, particularly with new, modern homes so that homeowners can add an element of clean lines. We share with you Why We Love Plantation Shutters (And You Should Too!).

We’re not going to lie to you – they are a more expensive option BUT they are well worth it!

Plantation Shutters are very low maintenance, easy to tilt the slats with one finger and very modern. They are a great option when it comes to providing you with privacy when and where you need it most.

We previously shared a post on why you should incorporate them into your home, but today we are going to share facts that you need to know about them:

They look great!

When it comes to your indoor Plantation Shutters there is no mucking around with cords and curtain rods because the tilted slats are built into their housing frame, that is then fitted within the window frame – giving a very clean-cut look to your room.

You can choose the colour of the shutter (from a range of white through to a dark chocolate colour), size of the tilt blades and placement of the tilt rod – if you want one at all.

They look great and add a look of sophistication to a home, from both the outside and whilst within.

They are lightweight.

Plantation Shutters may look heavy, but they’re not.

In fact, they are lightweight and you have a choice of materials to choose from when it comes to the creation of your Shutters. We can provide them in either a Basswood, Thermotech, Thermopoly or Aluminium panels.

Note: the Basswood (timber) and Thermotech (most popular) have Mortice and Tenon joints. The mortice and tenon comprises of two components: the mortice hole and the tenon tongue. The tenon is inserted into a mortice cut into the corresponding member. The tenon is cut to fit the mortice hole exactly and usually has shoulders that seat when the joint fully enters the mortice hole.

This acts as a reinforcement and makes the style/frame stronger, ensuring no sagging panels.


Each type of shutter has a variety of colours for you to choose from:

Basswood: 13 colours, 10 stained colours
Thermotech: 13 colours
Thermopoly: 13 colours, 500 Dulux special colours
Which one would you choose?


Our Plantation Shutters are long-lasting.

Treat them well, give them a bit of a spring clean every now and then, and they’ll reward you by lasting many years. They do withstand the sun’s UV rays, so there won’t be an issue with any fading of the material when exposed to external light.

It doesn’t stop there.

You need to choose the blade size and shape.

Let’s not forget how they are to be mounted. You get to choose the blade size and shape!

The sizes come in either 63mm, 89mm or 115mm. You also get to choose the shape of the blade, either flat or elliptical (curved).

How are they to be mounted?

Would you like them to be hinged, fixed, sliding or bi-folder style?


There is a bit of information to take in, and decisions to be made in order to make sure you are getting just what you want and need. Now is the time to prepare yourself for the below questions, which you need to answer when it comes to ordering the Shutters: which colour you want to go with.

Note: you should choose a colour that will complement the colours of your home internally and externally.
For instance, if you have a dark brick home, you may choose a white or light colour shutter to complement it – rather than choose a dark timber shutter.

Which material to utilise

Do you want Basswood, Thermotech, Thermopoly or Aluminium panels?

What size blades you want to decide on, the wider the blade – the fewer blades vertically per shutter.

Will that be a 63mm, 89mm or 115mm blade?

How about a flat or curved blade?

Where you’d like the tilting rod positioned. In the centre (not the best position as it can block your vision), or on the side?

Each Plantation Shutter is made to measure, which means that they are custom made to your specifications. They are manufactured off-site and take about 6-8 weeks from the time of your confirmed order to installation.

It can be daunting to know what decisions are best for you. We don’t have that answer. All we can do is provide you with as much information as we possibly can – so you can make a properly informed decision.

We recommend you contact us on 4625 3446 and arrange a free measure and quote by one of our experienced consultants – who can walk you through the process – or you can pop into our showroom at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah and view the samples on display.

Feel free to ask whatever questions you need and if you’d like to move forward – we’ll arrange to come to your home (or business) and provide you with a FREE measure and quote.

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