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Straight Drop Awnings (What You Need To Know!)

There are a number of different types of Outdoor Blind Awnings available to suit basically any home’s outdoor area, or unit balcony.

This is what you need to know about Straight Drop Awnings!

They look great.

Straight Drop Awnings are just that. They are Outdoor Blinds that hang “straight” down from the top assembly to the bottom fixings.

The Straight Drop Awning is generally installed to fit and operate between 2 “poles”, as they are anchored to an optional frame box (aka Over-Roll Hood) at the top of the Awning and then anchors can be set down at the ground to ensure that they don’t get blown around in the breeze.

The design and installation of the Awnings create a sleek look and acts like a temporary “wall” when in use, i.e. acting as a barrier between the weather elements and your protected space. They provide you with privacy when you need it!

Each Awning can be made from as little as 500mm wide and span up to 5600mm wide.

If you have an area that is wider than that, it will require more than one Awning to cover the area. There is a limitation on the width to ensure maximum protection and ease of operation, otherwise, the weight will be overwhelming for the size and it won’t function as it should.

They are easy to use.

As Straight Drop Awnings are an external product, and kids love to play outside – one of the great things about this product is that it does not operate by looped cords, chains or cables; therefore, ensuring that the product is child safe.

There are 2 operating styles available, either by a gearbox – which is a manual operation, or motorisation.

The gearbox can be operated using a crank handle. The motor can be operated using a remote control.

These are the types of Straight Drop Awnings you can create:

  • Gearbox Straight Drop
  • Stainless Steel Cable Guide
  • Spring Loaded Straight Drop
  • Cord & Reel
  • Verandah Straight Drop


There are 12 colours for you to choose from with the Straight Drop Awning.

These are basically primary colours that have been created to suit most all homes external colour schemes and allow you, as the customer, to decide on what will suit your home best. When making a choice, it is important you do take into account the external colours of your home and the degree of light filtering for your chosen colour.

The most popular colours are generally the Slate Grey, Black and Paperbark.

You can have the hood and rails powder-coated to closely match the fabric, at an extra cost. You can leave the framing in Anodised, otherwise, there are 5 powder-coated options for you to choose from: Black, White, Primrose, Anvil (Ironstone) and Paperbark.

It doesn’t stop there.

You need to decide on the operating style, material type and fittings. The materials we use for Straight Drop Awnings are available in either:

  • Acrylic to allow light to filter through but still provide privacy,
  • Mesh to protect from sun and function during windy days, without blocking your view, or
  • Canvas is a thicker material which acts like a Clayton’s wall.
Each is a great choice for protecting you and your outdoor furniture. They all provide UV protection, whilst still allowing air to flow through.

There are options available, depending on the bottom rail/tube you select. Check out our brochure tab and see for yourself.


Each Awning comes with a 5-year warranty.

They are created and installed using durable fabric and strong fitting materials to last you a very long time, all the while providing you with UV protection, privacy and withstanding the wind!

For instance, the top tube is made using high grade galvanised steel to eliminate tube sag.

Each Outdoor Blind is made to measure, which means that they are custom made to your specifications. They are manufactured at our factory, based in Campbelltown, and can take about 3-4 weeks from order to installation.

We recommend you contact us on 4625 3446 and arrange a free measure and quote by one of our experienced consultants – who can walk you through the process – or you can pop into our showroom at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah and view the samples on display.

Feel free to ask whatever questions you need and if you’d like to move forward – we’ll arrange to come to your home (or business) and provide you with that FREE measure and quote.

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