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Blind and Awning Control with Home Automation

Hands up, well – comment and let us know – if you consider yourself to be a tech savvy person. Whether or not you are, you can now operate your blinds and awnings with home automation!

We now provide an option for you to control the motorised blinds and awnings at your home with your fingertips, on your smartphone or tablet.

The Somfy myLink™ is a home automation solution and puts you in control of up to 20 products by enabling the opening or closing of the blinds or awnings (or screens or shutters) with the touch of a button.

You can do it remotely on the go, or by a schedule where you set the time for the automation to work its magic!

As you can see by the video, the App gives you the power to operate your blinds and awnings so easily.

Gone out for the day and it’s unexpectedly turned into night and your blinds are still open?

Not to worry, with the App on your iPhone or Android phone, you can close the blinds at the touch of a button – providing privacy and security by appearing as if someone is home.

Perhaps you’re on holiday?

Deter any pesky people from your property by setting up a schedule for the opening and closing of your blinds each day, to make it appear as if you are home!


  • Easily operate your blinds and awnings whether you are at home or away on holidays.

  • Easily operate the blinds to manage the filtering of sunlight to reduce glare and increase privacy.

  • Energy-saving by scheduled times to automatically operate your motorised product to reduce heat loss in colder months, or heat gain in the warmer months.

This product has been well tested and on the market for a little while now; we tested it ourselves as we wanted to ensure that we were offering you an amazing quality product that works well for your needs.

Interested in knowing more about this amazing solution and how it can work in your home?

Contact our team to discuss how the home automation solution can add a sense of ease and peace of mind for you.
Better yet, visit our showroom at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah and view the demo we have on display.

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