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Zipscreen Ease for your Outdoor Living

When considering an outdoor blind, like a Zipscreen Awning – what is most important to you?

We understand that it is:

  • ease of operation,
  • tight tension of the awning so it doesn’t loosen and sag from wear,
  • non-colour fade fabric.

Overall, the quality of the product is important.

There would be nothing worse than having an awning down to block out the majority of the sun and heat from your outdoor entertaining area and the sides of your awning are flapping from the light breeze and creating irritability because it keeps the sun on your face and in your eyes!

You want to sit there comfortably, perhaps with your glass of wine or schooner of cold beer, and just relax and chat without having to fuss about with an awning that is not behaving and the sun that you can’t escape!

Macarthur Home Improvements ensures that they are on top of the latest products released by various suppliers, and research to make sure that it is to a standard that would be suitable for you.

The older system that we provided was a ZipTrack and it worked with roller shutter componentry and a tin header box.

The new (updated) system is provided as a ZipScreen and has really created a lift in the market with subtle but effective changes, including an aluminium headbox.

Another feature with the overhaul is a new zipper system that has an actual zipper that runs around the entire roll; as well as a steel top tube to avoid buckling of the material/fabric – allowing tension to remain taut.

There are 3 types of ZipScreen available:
  • Spring-loaded
  • Gearbox with a Crank (we recommend up to 4 metres in width)
  • Motorised (most popular)

Also with motorised, you have the option to link to the Somfy myLink™ home automation solution for easy use whether you are at home, or away.

There are 6 colours available: Anodised (natural), White, Woodland Grey, Black, Classic Cream and Paperbark.

Zipscreen Awning Demo
Pictured: Joe from DaleKit Awnings demonstrating to Dave, our expert installer.


  • Patented zLOCK technology to ensure the fabric holds taut
  • Easy to operate
  • Child safe with no cords or chains
  • Minimalist, slimline design
Zipscreen Awning Specs
This product has been well tested and is a popular choice with homeowners, especially the motorised option.

Interested in knowing more about the ZipScreen and how it can be a great addition to your outdoor area at home?

Contact our team on 02 4625 3446 to arrange a home visit by one of our experienced team, who will view the area you need covered and show you how it would sit and how it would operate.

See a Zipscreen Awning in action:

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