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The Block Missed Something Important in the Backyard Reveals

Even if you are an avid fan of The Block, there is something that you may not have noticed on last Sunday’s episode of the Backyard Reveals. Something surprisingly missing and which I didn’t notice was touched upon by the judges.

Yes, the backyards looked great! They are modern and fresh, the contestants try and make them look bigger than what they are and they implement elements that are a “necessity” for a homeowner.

The question is – did they hit all the notes?

Obviously not, otherwise they would have all received a perfect 10 and there would have been no constructive criticism.

However, the one crucial element that all Block contestants missed was an undercover area.

Yes, the decking looked great.

Yes, one or two of the pools were cool.

The umbrella looking outdoor heater was awesome!

BUT, what about creating shade when the sun bears down on you? Shade to cool the temperature down a bit.

I was mostly disappointed by the fact that none of the judges said, for example: “The outdoor deck was great, but where was the shade?”.

Granted, you may be thinking that the only outdoor awnings are ones that pull straight down from an existing pergola area you have OR ones that are auto lock awnings where they pull out and down.

What would have been perfect for the backyards and suited amazingly well in that it takes up minimal space and would have blended into the high-end look (without the high-end price tag) is a Folding Arm Awning!

To discover more about outdoor undercover options for your home, contact our expert team on 4625 3446, or come visit our showroom at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah.

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