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Security Door. Screen Door. What is the Difference?

You need to know the difference between a Security Door and a Screen Door so your home’s needs are met from a security and a privacy point of view.

Quite often, homeowners think that a front entry security or screen door is all the same and the only difference is perhaps the colour or the amount of screen coverage of the door.

Over the years, we have customers who had previously purchased a door from a hardware store or from another supplier and later discovered they wasted their valuable time and money because it’s not the right fit and/or not what they wanted, and the supplier didn’t discuss with them their needs to give them what they should actually have.

For something seemingly simple, it is frustrating when it doesn’t go to plan.

A security door is a door with added strength, be it in the frame itself, and/or with the locking mechanisms and the type of screen used.

A screen door is a standard door frame with no added strength but ideal to screen your main entrance to the house; with various screen options to choose from.

You don’t want to purchase a door and realise afterwards that you made a mistake because it’s not giving you what you though you needed.

We save our customers time AND money when they come directly to us because:

  • we understand each house has a different measurement for its doorways and we custom-make each door to the exact size, to the millimetre;
  • we have a range of door types and screens on display for you to have a more accurate perception as to the finished look;
  • we take the time to explain how each door selection works in the home and the benefits of each; and most importantly,
  • we listen to what your needs are so we can suggest the perfect solution.

Let’s not forget that our prices are quite reasonable (and competitive) because we also make our doors wholesale (yes, we supply to the sole door traders), that’s because we make them on-site in our factory attached to the showroom in Campbelltown!

Is there any difference in security/screening levels when using a sliding door rather than a hinged entry door?

The screen is the same, i.e. you choose the type, as it “covers” the operating door’s opening frame. However, it’s the operating mechanism that is different – sliding rather than swinging.

Here’s what you need to decide on when you are choosing a custom-made door for your home during our in-house consultation (and free quote):

  • Operation type: i.e. hinged or sliding operation
  • Mechanism position: i.e. left or right-hand operation
  • Accessories: i.e. bug seal, door closer, triple lock, AddaGuard, pet doors and keying options
  • Style: i.e. plain or patterned
  • Colour: i.e. the colour of the frame (and pattern, if any) for the door
  • Screen type: the most important part because there are 7 options to choose from and you need to make the right one!

Operation Type

Security/screen doors can be created to suit your specific needs regardless if it is a hinged door for front, rear or laundry entryways OR a sliding door for side or rear entrances of your home.

This decision is THE easiest because it’s either one or the other and it’s clear as to which type of door is for which entryway.


Yes, doors have accessories. The operation type is basically the base and then you build your door from there.

Hinged door accessories

Bug seal: this is positioned at the bottom of the door to further seal any gaps so that the pesky little bugs stay outside.

Door closer: this is generally positioned on the top of the door so that you can slide the bar across to hold the door open for you. Plus, it enables a soft close solution when closing the door. This item is included with all of our made-to-measure and fitted hinged doors.

Here’s something new: we’ve been trialling a closer for the bottom of the door, it’s less obtrusive and allows operation with the foot. Great for tall doorways or customers that are unable to easily reach the top of the door.

Triple lock: a standard hinged door has one lock, where it locks from the handle into the lock slot. A triple lock has a locking mechanism in 3 positions along the door to lock into the position of the door frame. This adds additional security to the door as it’s locked into 3 positions, not one! This item is standard on all of our “MacStrong range of doors, e.g. Alu-Gard, Viewguard, SG stainless steel grill doors”.

Addaguard: this is a plastic insert that is affixed on the inside of the door and protects the area around the door handle and lock mechanism. It helps protect all types of insect mesh from damage when using the handle to open the door from the inside, and further protects the door from any attempted break-in at the door handle.

Note: when you buy a door in the hardware store, they’ve made the whole decision for you as to the door you’ll get – what’s the fun in that? Whereas, you can choose what you want with us and the pricing is on par, if not better!

Sliding door accessories

Bug seal: this is positioned at the bottom of the door to further seal any gaps so that the pesky little bugs stay outside.

Triple lock: a standard sliding door has one lock, where it locks from the handle into the lock slot. A triple lock has a locking mechanism in 3 positions along the door to lock into the position of the door frame. The same as a hinged door, this adds additional security to the door as it’s locked into 3 positions, not one!


The accessories are a great way to start the selection process, now we’ll ramp it up with the style of door you want/need. Here are some things to consider:

  • Does your door need to match the home?
  • Is your home new or older?
  • Does your door need to provide more security than privacy?
  • Does your door need to provide more privacy than security?
  • Does your preference need to meet your personal style/tastes?
  • Does function trump style?

Here’s why!

There is a myriad of style options for you to choose from if you are choosing the pattern option. Consider this:

  • Do you have an older home that a patterned door would be perfect for?
  • Do you have a new modern home where you want cleaner lines with just a [textured] frame and all screen with no pattern?
  • Maybe you have a designer front entry door and don’t want the screen door to block the view from outside, so a full screen is a way to go.


This is fun! Though for some people, it’s a hard decision – we get it.

Are you going to choose the colour of your door’s frame based on the colour specs of your home OR are you going to choose a colour based on personal preference?

All doors have a standard colour range (approx. 20) and then there are ranges where you can have them powder-coated specifically to the colour of your choice. Think of the Dulux colour range!

Our showroom has sample doors on display with different colours for you to visualise, we also have colour swatches available for you to also look at for a more extensive selection.


This is THE most important part. That’s not to say all other selections aren’t, but with the screens – you want to make sure you are choosing the screen type that is right for your needs.Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you need to provide extra strength to the screen to counteract any attempted break-in?
  • Do you want privacy so you can see outside but people can’t see in?
  • Do you want your pets to continue to scratch at the screen without damaging it?
  • Do you live in an area with very tiny insects and want to keep them outside?

As you can see, there is a bit of planning that goes with choosing the door to meet your needs at home.

  • Are you leaning towards a patterned door or a screen door?
  • Perhaps a triple lock and door bug seal?
  • Maybe a screen that your pets won’t scratch into oblivion?

Here is an example of a door that we have in our showroom:

It is an A227 Macarthur Strong “MacStrong” Diamond Grille hinged door with triple lock (and 5-pin cylinder) with a maximum width of 885mm and maximum drop of 2150mm.
The price: $540, including installation and gst.

At the end of the day, you tell us what you want and we’ll provide you with a price. If you go ahead, we will make it here in our Leumeah (Campbelltown) factory and install it for you.

We offer a 2-year warranty on ALL doors.

Let’s not forget, most of the above selection rules also go for security grilles or screens you want on the windows of your home!

As an added option, you can add a pet door flap to your door (from $83). This can be added to an existing door you have already at home OR we can incorporate one into your new door when you
place your order.

See why we have so many satisfied customers by contacting our office to arrange a free measure and quote on 02 4625 3446 or visit us at our showroom: 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah.

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