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Motorised Blinds and Outdoor Awning Blinds

A motorised interior blind, or outdoor Awning Blind, can add a level of sophistication and convenience to your living spaces at home.

Motorisation works really well for Roller Blinds in the home and works well for most outdoor Awning types, like the Zipscreen Awnings, outside the home.

We define the difference between Motorisation and Automation:

Motorisation is the use of a remote control (handheld or an App) to operate the blinds to move along a track. It means that the blind or awning is operated by a motor that sits at the head of the box to operate the roller. There are no cords, chains or winders.

Automation is the use of software to time when the blinds are open/closed and is super convenient when you’re not home.

Perhaps your blinds are open at home and you are out later than expected and it’s getting dark, not a problem – open the App and close those blinds without having to rush home from having fun to manually close them for privacy!

Overall, motorisation is for convenience. It’s also for people who love technology and love to incorporate it into their homes using automation.

Here are some benefits of motorised blinds:


Lower and raise the blinds and awnings easily – at the touch of a button. This provides you with privacy when you need it!

Ease of Use

If you have an expansive area with many blinds or awnings, the motorised option is a great time saver. As there are different types of remotes available – depending on your needs – you can operate many blinds/awnings at once to open or close at once, rather than having to manually walk around opening and closing each one individually.


You have a wide range of blind and awning fabric style and colours available to choose from. Blinds and Awnings don’t need to be bland, they can add personality into your home and awaken it!

We literally test ALL products before we offer them as a product to you, the homeowner. The reason we test products from suppliers is to ensure that they meet our strict criteria of:

  • Quality
  • Strength
  • Longevity
  • Features
  • Range of options available
We use Somfy as our go-to distributor for motorised products. They provide long-lasting quality motors for the blinds/awnings and remotes to match.

They have a great reputation and great customer service. PLUS, we believe that ALL of our customers deserve the best, not any cheap and nasties.

So if you are wanting to discover the world of motorisation, and/or automation, contact our team of experts on 4625 3446.

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