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Has Your Home Got You Feeling Down?

Spring is the time of year that we should awaken ourselves after the winter period but often it has us feeling down. Has Your Home Got You Feeling Down?

Making changes doesn’t have to cost much, if at all. It’s just a matter of going through your home and making changes to each room to help energise it.

To help you, we are sharing with you some inexpensive tips to help you easily freshen and awaken your home and add some energy back into it!


Light! Light! Light!

This is number one on your list.

There is nothing like letting light into your home for you to feel great and give you, and your home, back much-needed energy.

Having a closed up and/or dark home will drain you and your home of valuable energy.

So go and open up those blinds and shutters and let the light in!

Clear out the clutter

It’s amazing how much clutter can add to the strain or lack of energy, and most of the time we don’t realise it until we take the time to stop and really look at the room.

If it’s been a while since you’ve gone through the home and cleared out old unused staff; a spring clean is on the cards!

You can re-purpose items, donate items or you can even make money by selling off items in good condition that someone else will want.

Furniture placement

Everyone’s home is different and that means that the room shape and sizes are all different and furniture is used that fits within that space.

Take a look at the furniture in each room and check to see if you can move the furniture around so that it sits differently, giving a different look to the room.

It’s AMAZING how much a difference you feel when changing the layout of a room.


Keep it simple!

Decor goes hand-in-hand with clutter and furniture placement. Once you have de-cluttered and re-organised your furniture, purposefully use the items you have to stylise or go out and choose items that are part of your personality and gives you energy.

Decor could be the lamps, candles, pictures, throw pillows, cushions etc.

Everyone loves KMART (who doesn’t?) – so take a look to see what you can use to enhance your decor and liven up your rooms.


How are your floors looking? Do you have mainly tiles or floorboards, or mainly carpet?

Flooring needs a bit of TLC to last a very long time! Give the carpets a really great shampoo and clean.

Renovating or doing repairs?

Make sure now is the time to really get moving and get those home projects done. The longer it is left, the more energy is sapped from you.

Holes in the wall? Fill them in.

Do your walls look like a patchwork quilt? A good lick of paint will help with that. While you’re at it, use a colour that is going to enhance the room, not wash it out.

Have kids or grandkids?

Kids in the home can often feel like they run the house! They have toys and things EVERY.WHERE.

You can help minimise this by placing all their toys and play area to only one room or area of the home. That way you feel like it is still a grown-up/family house and you gain control again. Win!

Freshen the air

As Glen20 is great for eliminating odours and lingering cold viruses during the winter months, going through the home and spraying an air freshener (or using one of the powerpoint type of air fresheners) or even using essential oils in a diffuser, will leave your home smelling great and raise your energy levels.


How is your garden looking?

Winter really lacked on the rain-front, and the heat that is coming is going to really dry out our lawns and plants are going to be really thirsty.

Looking after our gardens and making sure that they still have some life will want you to step out into the outdoors for fresh air AND is really welcoming when coming home after a long day at work!

What is your go-to for getting more energy in your home and feel great again?

Having products installed in your home helps you get the most out of it.

Want to be outside but the sun is sending you inside? Awnings are your friend.

Your blinds aren’t cutting it anymore and you need a change? Easy!

Are you a shift-worker or close to a busy road and want to block out most of the noise? Install Roller Shutters.

Want to open up your solid entry door or your back sliding doors but have no screen door to keep security and keep out the bugs? Effective and inexpensive!

For all your home improvement products – blinds, awnings, shutters, security/screen doors and screens, contact our expert team on 4625 3446, or come and visit our showroom at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah.

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