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Autumn Home Improvements, now that Summer is Over

We’ve decided that Spring Cleaning should now be classed as ‘Autumn Home Improvements now that Summer is Over’ after the crazy hot weather we had during the Spring and Summer months.

The heat would have put off the most avid person from doing their home improvement projects, spring cleaning efforts and doing the (bi-) annual home improvement audit.

The Spring and Summer weather would have meant when you came home from work, you didn’t want to venture outside – you wanted to bring home some takeaway (because the kitchen was way too hot) and stay inside with a nice cold beer or wine in hand, bingeing on Netflix.

Although, even if you want to hibernate inside, with or without air-conditioning, you’re not going to get the proper cooling levels that your window coverings can provide.

Think external.

Take for instance external Roller Shutters – not only are they functional from a security point of view, but when lowered during the peak heat of the day, the sun’s rays bounce right off them, which means your windows are not absorbing the heat and entering your home; adding to the layers of warmth and stifling you.

Roller Shutters are also easy to operate, with either a winder control which sits next to the (inside) window frame, with the (removable) handle, or you can use a simple unobtrusive switch to electronically open and close the Roller Shutter.

If the thought of Roller Shutters doesn’t turn you on, there are the external Auto Lock Awnings and Pivot Arm Awnings to consider. They’re very popular outdoor window treatment options!

Both the Auto Lock Awning and Pivot Arm Awning are similar in their look – in that they are mounted to your external wall and are extended to hang down over the window – and in terms of fabric, as you probably see when you drive by homes with the classic striped fabric.

Regardless, they are designed to be pulled down from the headbox and cover your windows when you need to block the sun’s direct path (even in winter if you want to block rain and hail!).
Yes, the classic stripe look awning fabrics are still in vogue but so are the sheer and solid Awning fabrics that are used to shield windows from the sun, because the home has no eaves or porch coverings to provide shade at times during the day.

Operation of the fabric awnings is simple by pulling down the steel arms to the height you want them set out.
There are also internal options, which you most likely have anyway, but using the right blind AND fabric, can make a big difference.

Dual Roller Blinds – you can still allow light inside the home so it doesn’t feel as dark but the blinds will also greatly reduce the heat from the sun once it hits the windows and tries to make their way into your home.

Plantation Shutters – you would best off keep them closed to stop the sun’s rays to filter into the room BUT using the White Plantation Shutters (which is the popular colour choice as they appear modern and classy), it will still help the room appear lighter and stop making you feel closed in.

So even though it’s Autumn now, Winter will be here before you know it and it is a great time to prepare for the winter/spring/summer months ahead, before order deadlines are extended due to demand.

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