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Roller Blinds Are Rolling Out the Door

Roller Blinds are one of the most versatile and common blinds on the market and we have them “rolling” out the door!

Here is what you need to know about our Roller Blinds:


  • The Roller’s operational componentry comes with a 10-year warranty (12-months on the fabric), giving you peace of mind with the quality
  • The components are Australian made by ACMEDA, who export worldwide (and we support Australian made products!)
  • You can link 2 or more blinds with one control (by chain or motorisation)
  • Easily cover larger, expansive windows


  • Have a dual option of day/night within the one window recess
  • Remove control option for motorised operation
  • Convenience of App controlled action on your smartphone or tablet
  • Choice in fabrics (block-out and/or sheer fabrics).
Roller Blinds have been given a makeover in their use and control within the past few years, so they are no longer one-dimensional.

The Roller Blind is one of our most popular products – one that we specialise – and we are seeing the growing trend for Dual Roller Blinds.

Dual Roller Blinds work on the same window recess with 2 separate rollers that are “layered” to give the option of day/night.

The advantage of using a dual roller blind is that you are able to control the day/night option for your home, from an internal and external aesthetic.

The sheer fabric Roller Blind (aka the “day” blind) would be used on its own during the day so that it provides you with light from the outside but also allows privacy so no-one can see in.

The block-out fabric Roller blind (aka the “night” blind) means that when both blinds are lowered, no-one can see in when you have lights on in the house during the evening, giving you complete privacy.
The other great thing about Roller Blinds is that they will also greatly reduce the heat from the sun once it hits the windows and tries to make its way inside your home.
When it comes to using the motor and remote control to operate the motorised Roller Blind, we use Somfy.
Somfy have got a fabulous reputation here in Australia, and New Zealand, with great quality and innovative solutions for the savvy homeowner.

The Rollers are operated using either the:

  • Somfy rechargeable motor (once every 6-12 months; one hour per charge), or a
  • 240-volt (hard-wired) motor.
Choosing the motorisation option is a perfect solution if you love gadgets, or perhaps have difficulty with manually operating the chain and need a simple automatic operation.

Let’s not forget that with the motorised option, you have the ability to operate the blinds from the Somfy App on your smartphone or tablet (or voice control devices).

For convenience, you can set-up a pattern for when the blinds are to be opened and closed, or just automagically operate at the touch of a button while on the go at home, away from home or overseas – in fact, wherever you are.

If you’re also in the market for outdoor Awnings, you can also motorise the Awnings and link them to the same App so you can operate your blinds and awnings with a quick touch of the settings.

Call our office on 4625 3446 to receive your free quote and see how the pricing can easily persuade you to make a change to the coverings of your windows!

We offer no obligation free quotes over the phone or one of our highly experienced consultants can quote in the comfort of your own home.

We service the areas within the greater Macarthur area, Hills district to the Southern Highlands, greater Illawarra – and also to Penrith suburbs.

If you’re in the area, you could always visit our showroom (during business hours) to see all products on display and get a greater sense of how each of the products operate.

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