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3 Top Products For Winter + Your Checklist

Macarthur Home Improvements | Top 3 Products for Winter

Winter has well and truly set-in and we know that the rise in electricity costs has meant that a lot of the local residents need to come up with other sustainable ideas to get through the cold months without the added extra cost that seems like you’re throwing money out the window!

Although our Top 3 Products for Winter are also a cost factor – at least when you invest the money you are doing it to enhance your home, add to your own comfort and in something long-lasting.

Here are our Top 3 Products that will help decrease the cold entering your home with some added benefits:

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters are our number one product in winter for saving you money in the long-run.


  • They are installed externally to your window frames and substantially block the cold from entering your home
  • Retains heat well inside, so it doesn’t “escape” through the windows
  • They offer an additional benefit of added security to your home
  • Perfect year-round, e.g. in summer they can help cut the heat from entering your home, keeping it cool
  • Operated by either a crank handle or electric switch

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are one of our best-sellers as your neighbours want something more modern to add to their homes. They’re also great at creating a barrier as:

  • They are installed internally and firmly in place to your window recess
  • The materials used help reduce the cold “creeping” through window frames
  • They can be used year-round so that they also repel the sun’s direct heat in summer
  • They are very modern and add value to your home
  • Can be manually, or tilt-rod operated, to move the slats to the positions you need

Zipscreen Awnings

Zipscreen Awnings are one of our best-sellers for outdoor awnings for outdoor alfresco areas and they are perfect for year-long entertaining at home so you don’t have to feel it’s only seasonally based:

  • They are installed and affixed to your outdoor open-space structure
  • The materials used help reduce the cold “creeping” through the alfresco area
  • Are safe to use with an outdoor heater in the enclosed entertaining space
  • They can be used year-round so that they limit the glare of the sun in the covered area and re-direct heat in summer
  • Can be operated by spring control, crank handle, motorised (which can include smartphone automated operation).

Each of the products has a different purpose but each is also effective for helping you to reduce the cold in winter so you can move around comfortably without feeling like you need to hibernate on the couch under a tonne of blankets; just to save heating costs.

As a bonus, here is our checklist for things to look out for and fix in Winter, they don’t need to be reserved for just spring or summer, to also help save money on your heating bills:

Check for Draughts

Take a walk around your home and look for air leaks that create a draught and increase the feeling of cold in your home.

We recommend looking at:
  • the windows in each of the rooms (particularly for older homes) and check for any air that is coming through gaps,

  • looking at external to internal doors like the garage and laundry doors and the space around the doors to see if the air is also creeping in,

and make rectifications to seal the air from coming in; and any heat from going out.


This also helps when you are coming out of winter into the warmer months as it will help stop the cooler air from escaping outside.

If you’re not sure about air issues, go to the area with a lit candle and if flickers in certain areas – or goes out – you know that is an air leak.

Declutter the Gutter

Grab the ladder and clear the gutter of leaves that would have fallen from nearby trees into the gutter during autumn.

As beautiful as the autumnal change is, the leaves are a hazard and apart from being a risk of fires in the heat; they are a risk of clogging the drains during the rainy wet months and cause issues with overflows and perhaps any other plumbing issues.

Clean the Air Vents

If you don’t care about throwing your money at the electricity companies (that’s okay) but it would be great if you regularly clean the air vents for your air-conditioning so that they don’t clog up with dust and “fluff” and reduce the flow of warm air – making it work harder and costing you more – but also to limit any risks.

Do you have any ideas on keeping warm this winter? Share them in the comments, we’d love to hear!

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