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Awnings are a great option for your outdoor cover needs – they are very popular and easy to operate.

Overall, the benefits achieved with Awning screening is improved insulation from heat gain and loss, UV shielding and reduction of glare.

An opaque fabric can create total block-out, or a sunscreen fabric can offer sun protection, without losing the view.

The ease of operating fabric Awnings with motorisation is growing significantly in popularity, and here’s why….

Easy operation

With the installation of a motor at the header box of your outdoor fabric Awning Blind, you can use a choice of Somfy Remotes to easily operate your awnings, without the use of a cord or winder for manual operation – which, in most cases, is visible at the side of the awning.

Depending on the number of motorised Awnings, and remote choice, you can set-up functions to operate multiple Awnings at once.

Our motorised Awnings are operated by a 240v motor and are programmed at installation to position stop at the top and stop at the bottom – automatically.

The ease of pressing the button once – and walking away!

Saying that you also have the option to stop at any point if you want some shading but don’t need it fully opened or closed.


The Somfy myLink™ is a home automation solution and puts you in control of up to 20 products by enabling the opening or closing of the awnings (or blinds or shutters) with the touch of a button anywhere in the world!

You can do it remotely on the go, or by a schedule where you set the time for the automation to work its magic.

Benefits of automation:

  • Easily operate your blinds and awnings whether you are at home or away on holidays.

  • Easily operate the blinds to manage the filtering of sunlight to reduce glare and increase privacy.

  • Energy-saving by scheduled times to automatically operate your motorised Awning to reduce heat loss in colder months, or heat gain in the warmer months.

Elderly and disabilities

Often it is hard to find the right products to cater to the elderly and people who have disabilities, or other ailments, that prevents them from moving easily.

The ability to do outdoor living and operate the Awnings, when needed, at the touch of a button whilst seated can mean such a big difference – both mentally and physically!

By operating the Awnings with a remote using the motorised feature, there is no need to exhaust yourself if you’re not up to the manual operation.

Timers can also be set-up to operate the Awnings many times during the day and different times during a seven-day cycle period.

Love Home Automation?

Why not go one better and link your Google Home or Amazon Echo to enable smart home automation of your awnings (and blinds)!

Using IFTTT compatibility, your voice commands can easily operate your awnings on demand.

Okay, which type of Awnings can be motorised and remotely operated?

You can have installed:

Folding Arm Awnings have the added benefit of an in-built motion-and-rain sensing option to automatically retract, like when movement from the wind is sensed.


All motorised outdoor Awnings come with a 5-year warranty on the motor, which means that you have peace of mind in that the product has longevity and well worth your choice in operation.

We use Somfy motors for our motorised Blinds, which are an internationally recognised European brand, designed in France, since 1969.

All our products are custom made to the customer, and not off the rack – so it’s made to fit your style and your home!

We invite you to call our office on 4625 3446 to receive your free quote and discover why motorised Awnings are a game-changer for you! We can provide you with no obligation free quotes over the phone or one of our highly experienced consultants can quote in the comfort of your own home (or business).

We service the areas within the greater Macarthur area, Hills district to the Southern Highlands, greater Illawarra – and also Penrith suburbs.

If you’re in the area, you could always visit our showroom (during business hours) to see all our motorised products on display and get a greater sense of how each of the products operate.

We’re located at 1/7 Hollylea Road, Leumeah.

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