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Pelmets and Cassettes for Blinds: what’s the difference?

MHI - Pelmets and Cassettes for Blinds

Pelmets, Cassettes and Accessories for Blinds. What are they, what do they do and why do I need them?

Pelmets and Cassettes are an option you may like to choose to provide a more “polished” look to your new blinds and make the room look “finished”.

What are Pelmets?

Basically, Pelmets are an outer fascia that fully wraps the top part of your Blind, with returns at the sides. They provide a cover so the blind’s tracking system (or roller), chain control and brackets are not visible.

All Pelmets are custom-made to suit your blinds and windows, regardless of width. It is made of powder-coated aluminium that is extruded.

Macarthur Home Improvements | Roller Blind Pelmet

What are Bonded Pelmets?

Bonded pelmets are a complete cover wraparound and top for your blinds, (i.e. returns and a top), made from composite timber with fabric bonded to the frame to match your chosen blind fabric.

Again, they are custom-made to suit your blinds and windows, regardless of width.

Macarthur Home Improvements | Bonded Pelmet

What are Cassettes?

Roller Blind Cassettes are an extension of the Roller Blind, which the roller is fitted within and the whole blind, i.e. blind and cassette, is fitted as one complete item.

It is made of powder-coated extruded aluminium that is available in 6 colours. If preferred, they can be bonded over the aluminium with matching fabric of the blind.

Cassettes are available for both single and dual roller blinds, custom-made to suit the blind width. They are face fitted for both single and dual rollers, but depending on the frame, the single roller can be fitted in the reveal.

Macarthur Home Improvements | Roller Blind Cassette

How long before I can get my pelmet or cassette installed?

You can have the pelmet and cassettes installed at the time of your new blind order, as an additional item; or, you can have them custom-made and added after installation of your [new] Macarthur Home Improvements blind. The choice is yours.

Why would I choose a Pelmet or Cassette?

Well, it comes down to the preferred look and your budget.

Your blinds and windows can appear to be “incomplete” if it has no pelmet nor cassette installed to give it a complete finished look.


All pelmets and cassettes come with a 2-year warranty, which is standard and standalone to the warranty for your blind and any of its tracking system componentry. The warranty will give you peace of mind that the product has longevity and is well worth your decision.


Each one of our products is custom made for you, the customer, and not off the rack – so it’s made to fit your style and your home perfectly!

You are invited to call our office on 4625 3446 to receive your free quote and discover why Macarthur Home Improvements are the right choice, as we have been a leading supplier of blinds, awnings, security doors and screening products since 1992.

We offer no obligation free quotes over the phone or one of our highly experienced consultants can quote in the comfort of your own home (or business). We service the areas within the greater Macarthur area, Hills district to the Southern Highlands, greater Illawarra – and Penrith suburbs.

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