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Roller Shutters Are Functional and Better Than You Think

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Universally, external Roller Shutters can be perceived as outdated, however, we are going to help bust that perception and let you in on the fact that Roller Shutters are Functional and Better Than You Think.

What are Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutters are aluminium shutters that are externally fitted to a home, or businesses, windows.

Why install Roller Shutters?

There are many reasons that Roller Shutters are installed at a property, mainly:

  • Provide added security for the homeowner to feel safe, or business to provide added protection when unattended.
  • To protect the windows from the elements of the weather, i.e. direct sun and heat; rain and frost; helping to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Shift workers: the Roller Shutters help to block-out daylight and make the room dark (when fully closed), as well as reduce outside noise, to help them sleep while everyone else is awake.

Are there different types of Roller Shutter?

Believe it or not, there different types and we offer these two options:

Our preferred method of installation of the Roller Shutters is so that it sits in the “reveal” of the window rather than completely external, but saying that – it can be face fitted on very short windows (or other situations) as well.

How do I operate a Roller Shutter?

Smaller-Medium sized Roller Shutters can be operated by a Strap Coiler for ease and quick use, but are intrusive components. The strap comes out of the roller, through the framework and into the box, using a coiler to operate, i.e. does it automatically by pulling on the strap, or pull the strap to release the strap.

For larger Roller Shutters, the “standard” way to operate a Roller Shutter is with the Strap Box and Crank/Winder. For instance, this is a box that sits beside the window frame (internally) that allows for operation this way.

However, a more commonly requested option is for motorisation, which can be used on any size Roller Shutter.

This means that a 240v motor is hard-wired into the headbox of the Roller Shutter to allow operation via a switch, which looks like a dimmer switch with the panel next to the internal window frame for the Roller Shutter.

We do recommend for homeowners who are installing Roller Shutters for the whole house that one or two are manually operated so that if the power is not working for whatever reasons, then you can still operate those particular shutters.

What are the settings for a Roller Shutter?

Shutters have 3 (informal) “settings”. They are:

  • Fully opened
  • Fully closed
  • Partially opened (or partially closed, depends if you are a glass half full or half empty kind of person 😊)

Fully opened Roller Shutters roll up into the header box and make the windows fully exposed and complete daylight filter into your home, as well as an open view to outside, during the day.

Completely closed Roller Shutters gives the impression that the room is in virtual total darkness. No direct light in or out, with no views. Again, great for shift workers but also people who value privacy, or perhaps want to immerse themselves in complete home theatre mode.

Partially opened Roller Shutters mean that the slats open up to allow some light into the room, without completely opening it up, and it also gives an obstructed view to outside.

As the Roller Shutter runs along a track, essentially you can have your Roller Shutter raised or lowered to whatever position along that track that suits your needs.

What colours can I choose for my Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutters come in a range of colours to suit most home external brick and weatherboard colours, so there is a colour for everyone.

Popular colours are complete block colours, like full cream or full white. In addition, especially suitable to older homes, are the block colours with a couple of wide horizontal stripes.


How long before I can get my Roller Shutter installed?

Roller Shutters are locally manufactured and take approximately 2-3 weeks from the time of order to installation – which is quite a quick turnaround.

There may be longer wait periods if you are ordering during peak hot or cold seasons, due to popularity but generally, we still aim for 2-3 weeks.


Each of our CWP Roller Shutters is made with best quality materials and come with a standard 5-year warranty on all parts and componentry. Also, the Roller Shutters have ISO9001:2008 Accreditation, for peace of mind.

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