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Auto Lock Awnings

Auto Lock Awnings are one of Macarthur Home Improvements’ most popular outdoor systems. The Auto Awnings have a spring control and allows the blind to be raised and lowered to any position by sliding the arms on the guide rods.

The Auto Lock Awning is easy to control to allow privacy and to block direct sunlight entering through a window, reducing the amount of heat from entering a room.

Did you know?

The arms hold the fabric close to the window, giving maximum heat and light protection – while still allowing air to flow through your home.

The fabric used is extremely durable, Australian made, resistant to tearing, water and stain repellent, colour fade resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

You have a choice in design style: Canvas, Acrylic or Mesh fabric. Colours range from solid colour to stripes.

The Awnings are perfect for screening exposed windows, i.e. bedrooms and lounge room windows.

Provide a more “complete” look by ordering the optional colourbond hood (in matching colour), which will cover the top roller and also protect the awning fabric when fully rolled up and not in use.

If you already have an Auto Lock Awning and want to change the fabric, you will need an Awning re-skin, which is cheaper than a complete replacement of the Awning itself. Contact us for more information.

Did you know?


Auto Lock Awnings are able to reflect up to 70% of heat before it reaches the windows. Stopping the sun’s ultraviolet rays in their tracks.


The Auto Lock Awning is lightweight and very easy to operate. Position the Awning along the guide rod, to where you need it most.


The Auto Lock Awning is beautiful and stylish. With choice of fabric and colours, it will match your home’s exterior. The optional hood is a finishing touch must.