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Channel Awnings

Channel Awnings are spring loaded and lock into channels at the side, and are designed to be a cost-effective way of enclosing your patio or verandah areas, or over windows where flush mounting is required.

Channel Awnings offer privacy, insulation, light control and wind protection; and are perfect for verandah and deck areas.

Did you know?

Side Channel Awnings are particularly suited to verandah post to post openings.

If you already have an Channel Awning but want to change the fabric/colour, you will need an Awning re-skin, which is cheaper than a complete replacement of the Awning structure itself. Contact us for more information.

Did you know?


Effective and easy to use by unlocking from side channels without a pull ropes or zip closures.


The channels securely house the fabric, even in wind exposure, and the extra heavy duty aluminium bottom rail, integral to the design of this side channel system, ensures the blind will not bow in the middle.


Provide a more sleek look by ordering the optional colourbond hood (in matching colour), which will cover the top roller and also protect the awning fabric when fully rolled up and not in use.