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Patterned Grille Doors

Our selection of patterned grille doors add a bit of personality to a home’s entryway, it also serves dual purposes to help screen your home from insects and allows you to open your wooden doors to allow fresh air into your home (creating a barrier between you and the outside world).

Did you know?

You can strengthen the doors even more with the choice of adding the triple lock feature, whereby the door will be locked in 3 places along the door frame, rather than just the lock located at the door’s handle.

You have the choice in the type of screen (mesh) used to screen the frame. We assemble these at our factory in Campbelltown and you can have a choice of standard fibreglass screen through to aluminium, stainless steel, pet mesh plus and midgee.


Like a mix’n’match scenario, we suggest you choose the door style and screen of choice to suit your window needs.

Each patterned grille door features:

  • double sided Whitco security lock and cylinder with snib latch
  • heavy duty frames and solid corners
  • quality adjustable automatic closer
  • fibreglass insect mesh
  • security hinges (fastened with Monul rivets)
  • anti-tamper guard
  • easy slide wheels (for sliding doors) [10 year guarantee]

Optional accessories available:

  • double door flush bolts
  • triple locks
  • floor (door) closer
  • pet doors
  • half panels
  • premium mesh: one-way DVA vision mesh; aluminium mesh; pet (paw proof) mesh; stainless steel mesh (to suit fire regulations); midgee mesh

Did you know?


Colonial Castings has been making quality safety security screen panels to suit safety doors and side lights for over 30 years.

They are made to a high quality and all door inserts are gravity die cast in 100% recyclable aluminium, known for its durability and strength.

To capture that added touch of personal style and individuality, we offer you a range of styles & colours in a hardy powder-coated finish, with availability of many stylish patterns.


The strength of solid stainless steel security door grilles with the unique wrought iron patterns are ideally suited for those wanting a look that is different.

These strong solid stainless steel grilles are unobtrusive and symmetrically designed to suit any style of home. They are also corrosion protected to Australian Standards 1789 – 2003, powder coated in a colour to suit your home and style, with availability of 20 stylish patterns.


Your dedicated Sales Consultant will have brochures available for you, or to see a sample of these doors visit us at our showroom during business hours.

Tip: for all homes constructed within a BAL-compliant area; check with your local council and/or builder as to materials you need to use to meet compliance.