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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters increase the privacy and security of your home (or business). They also protect your windows from extreme heat or cold, noise and light.

Roller Shutters are installed on the external side of your windows and they can be fitted to any kind and any size of doors and windows.

Did you know?

When it comes to external Roller Shutters for your home’s security, Macarthur Home Improvements use the CW Products Roller Shutter system. This has a ISO9001:2000 Accreditation, making CW Products the only roller shutter manufacturer in Australia to be quality assured.

The benefits of installing Roller Shutters:

  • Protecting your property from security concerns
  • Privacy considerations
  • Enhances the appearance and design of your house
  • Less Noise Infiltration, unwanted noise from outside is reduced by lowering the shutters
  • Improves Energy Efficiency, shutters help insulate the property better in extreme weather condition both for heat or cold

We provide a wide range of roller shutter profiles and accessories, which are all made to measure.

Roller Shutters are custom made and operate in a variety of ways:

Roller shutters are available in:


Macarthur Home Improvements provide quality roller shutters and offer a 5-year installation warranty on all our roller shutter systems, giving you peace of mind when choosing your products.

We offer you a free, no obligation measure and quote. All roller blinds are made to measure and you know it will be a perfect fit as it is custom made.

Did you know?


Having exposed glass, or other entry points, to your business may make you feel vulnerable to damage and theft. Roller Shutters are a fantastic deterrent to help safeguard your business; one of your most important investments.


Installing Roller Shutters at home, or your business, has an enormous effect on the energy efficiency of your home. Using the shutters effectively means that you are relying less on air conditioning year round to either heat or cool your home.