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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a popular choice for homes and businesses, especially landlords for rental properties – as they are a cheaper blind option, easy to clean and to replace individual blades.

To compete with other types of blinds available on the market, vertical blinds have evolved to offer an extensive range of colours available for you to choose from – ranging from neutral to vibrant colours. The fabric is also available in different weaves to allow light filtering to block-out options.

Did You Know?

All Vertical Blinds have ease of operation due to quality German designed Decomatic® track systems. They are available in either left or right control, or louvre stack (with blind open) – available in either left, right, split or centre.

The main operation style is cord operation but you do have the option of a wand operation. You also have the choice of blade sizes: 63mm, 89mm or 127mm.

Let us know if you’ll like the option of a pelmet to cover off the top of your vertical blinds.

Each Vertical Blinds we custom make for you, right here at our local factory, is installed with child safety controls to meet ANSI – A100 Standards.

Here are some facts about the Vertical Blinds:

  • Evenly-spaced, slim stacking louvres
  • Tough carrier clutch for overload protection
  • Stainless-steel spacers between carriers
  • Minimum side light gap at the control end
  • Bottom weights with rounded edges for proper fit in fabric pockets
  • Bottom weight link chains designed to ensure longevity
  • Chainless and sewn in bottom weights available
  • Integrated step-on protection chain easily clips on again.

You have a HUGE range of fabric and colours to choose from, contact us to arrange a sample viewing.

Did You Know?


If your room needs light and heat protection, if you’d rather not look out the window, or if your windows are an odd shape or are in a difficult position, vertical blinds are your ideal solution.


Compared to other blinds that run horizontally, the vertical has clever blades of fabric that tilt to reveal or obscure the outside world, regulating the light coming into your home and also the degree of privacy.


Achieve effortless elegance with your choice of colors and textures from the huge range of fabrics available. Choose from solid or translucent blades to either block or filter the light coming into the room.