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Wire Guide Awnings

Wire Guide Awnings are ideally suited for large sun soaked patio areas with a maximum span of 5.5 metres.

The Wire Guide Awning is a tubular roll up awning and is operated with either an electric motor and remote or a manual crank control gear box. 

Did you know?

The awning’s skin runs vertically and is guided by Grade 316 Stainless Steel wires, meaning there is no need for any additional posts for the awning to operate; the wire is attached to the top of the awning and affixed at the bottom using the wires to operate.

The uniquely designed guides at the end of the base bar allow the awning to run smoothly without wear and tear, protecting the awning fabric.

Provide a more “complete” look by ordering the optional colourbond hood (in matching colour), which will cover the top roller and also protect the awning fabric when fully rolled up and not in use.

If you already have Wire Guide Awnings and want to change the fabric/colour, you will need an Awning re-skin, which is cheaper than a complete replacement of the Awning itself. Contact us for more information.

Did you know?


The Wire Guide Awning provides you with 2 choices for operation. Standard is crank control (you turn to raise and lower the awning) or the optional, motorised control (a motor sits in the headbox and operates the awning via a switch).


As the name suggests, the Wire Guide Awning is raised and lowered along Marine Grade 316 stainless steel wire track that are located either side of the Awning.


The extruded aluminium anodised bottom rail is available in up to 5.5m span width and can be secured by straps or clips which integrate into the bottom rail.