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MHI - Pelmets and Cassettes for Blinds
Pelmets, Cassettes and Accessories for Blinds. What are they, what do they do and why do I need them? Pelmets and Cassettes are an option you may like to choose to provide a more “polished” look to your new blinds and make the room look “finished”. What are Pelmets? Basically, Pelmets are an outer fascia...
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Macarthur Home Improvements | Louvolite Botanica Forget-Me-Not
Vertical Blinds are a popular blind choice for homeowners. Why? Because they’re easy to operate, and they are inexpensive. They’re also popular with landlords who want to provide a window covering that is not expensive and is easy to maintain, yet able to give the user light and privacy control. Tell me more about Vertical...
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Summer is just around the corner and from what we have seen already during Spring, the weather is likely to be unpredictable. Although this won’t affect your indoor blinds, as they are year-round and are mostly for aesthetics – it may have an impact when it comes to your outdoor awnings. Outdoor Awnings are a...
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